Levels of Certification Exams to be offered at the Hawaii Testing Event

In-House Inspectors are those individuals who are providing Pre-Use, Monthly, Periodic, and internal inspections for the company they are employed through. In-House Level 1 (Introductory level of certification for applicants who perform in-house inspections at their currently insured course site) In-House Level 2 (Advanced level of certification for applicants who perform in-house inspections at their […]

What are the eligibility requirements for In-House Certification levels?

An In-House Inspector performs Pre-Use or Periodic Inspections for their own company. The In-House Operator Inspector Certification (hereinafter known as the “In-House Inspector Certification”) is designed for those individuals who perform the Operator Operational Inspections for their own organizations as described in the ANSI-ACCT 03-2019 Standard, Chapter 1, Section B.1.3. (daily, monthly and quarterly in-house physical and operational […]

What forms am I required to submit?

All new and renewing applicants will be required to submit all of the required forms: Eye Exam Form   Exam date must be within 6 months of certification test date. Inspector Certification Portfolio   Inspector Certification Supervisor Affidavit  Please use if you are supervised by an individual Inspector Certification Self Supervisor Affidavit Please use if you are the owner […]

What are the Continuing Education Units (CEU) requirements to maintain my certification?

All Levels of In-house and Professional Inspectors must obtain at least 32 continuing education units (CEUs) or 32 hours of ACCT approved formal training during their certification period (2 years) to maintain inspector certification. Formal training shall consist of: ● ACCT Conference and Symposium attendance● ACCT ICE Panel approved seminars and conferences● Third-Party training on related subjects […]

Who do I call to ask questions?

Heather Brooks, ACCT Program Manager, is happy to assist you with any questions you may have about this Inspector Certification Program. Contact Information: Email: heather@acctinfo.org Phone: 303-827-2432

What can I study to prepare?

ACCT Inspection Guidance (PDF) Test Prep Suggestions and Material (PDF) ICE Sample Test Without Answers (PDF) ICE Sample Test With Answers (PDF)