Certification Renewal Request

Current ACCT certified inspectors will need to complete a Certification Renewal Request for the following scenarios:

  • It has been 2 years since your last exam. Please submit the forms to be reviewed.

  • It has been 4 years since your last exam. After completing the Certification Renewal Request, you will submit the required forms to be reviewed and approved to sit for the requested exam/s.

The required forms must be emailed directly to eric@acctinfo.org.

No exam fees will be charged until you have been notified of the approval to sit for the requested level/category.

Please complete and submit the Certification Renewal Request below which pertains to your current status and testing event. *After clicking Submit, you will be directed to the online store to pay the required Renewal fee of $125.

*Important note: PVM members are provided a 20% discount on Inspector Certification fees. To trigger the fee, you must login to the online store with the respective PVM ID number. For login issues, please contact Heather at membership@acctinfo.org or 303-827-2432.

2 & 4 Year Certification Renewal Request Form