The Exam

Individuals wishing to become a certified inspector by ACCT must meet eligibility requirements before completing a written examination.

Level I Exam

The Level I Inspector Certification Exam Covers:

General Knowledge subjects may include, but are not limited to, questions relating to:

  • Word knowledge; the ability to read and understand instructions
  • Basic mathematical calculations
  • Perceptual abilities
  • General mechanical comprehension
  • General science principles
  • Measurement conversions; US to Metric, fractions to whole numbers, etc.
  • Basic tools and workshop knowledge
  • Bracing and guying
  • Wire rope and terminations
  • Fasteners; types, grades
  • Basic comprehension of working load limits and material strength assurance
  • Participant programming equipment and staff fall protection equipment
  • Non-Destructive testing
  • ACCT Standards
  • Applicable safety codes and generic standards (OSHA, TSSA, etc.)
  • Generally accepted industry practices
  • Current ACCT published inspection practices/procedures
  • Forms and other documentation
  • Incident Review

Level II Exam 

The Level II Inspector Certification Exam Covers:

Specialized Areas

Newer aerial adventure park, challenge course and zip line designs can be very complex; therefore, an inspector should have a basic understanding of several specialized areas. The inspector need not be a fully trained specialist in any particular field, but does need a general working knowledge of procedures, practices, and terminologies in such diverse fields including:

  • ASTM Standards
  • Welding symbol identification
  • Non-destructive testing types
  • Fastener identification
  • Common mechanical systems
  • Wire rope
  • Blueprint symbols
  • Electrical symbols
  • Pneumatic systems
  • Hydraulic systems


Prep Course: $225

In-House Inspector Level I: $150

In-House Inspector Level II: $150

Professional (Third Party) Inspector Level I: $200

Professional (Third Party) Inspector Level II: $200

Supervisor Endorsement: $55

ACCT Inspector Certification Exam Cancellation / Refund Policy

An inspector certification applicant is responsible to read the eligibility requirements for the categories and level of certification before applying for a specific inspector certification exam/s. Should the Inspector Certification Panel review the applicant’s submitted eligibility documents and determine that the requirements have not been met to sit for the exam, there will be no exam fee/s refunded. No refund will be extended for other reasons, such as medical, family emergencies or weather conditions. Any exemption request shall be submitted in writing to the Operations Department for consideration. Should an exemption be approved and a refund be awarded, a $50 administrative fee will be retained.

If a testing event has limited seating, seating reservations will be based on the submission of a completed and approved eligibility file. If seating is not available upon the completion and approval of your file, a refund will be awarded minus a $50 administrative fee.

The Inspector Certification Prep Course will be subject to the same cancellation/refund policy in effect for the ACCT conference registration.

The ACCT Inspector Certification program will not issue credit to be held for a future event.

There will be no refund issued for a cancelled Certification Renewal Request.