All ACCT Inspector Certification Forms listed below will be required for the following:


  • Current certified INSPECTORS renewing based on the 2 year renewal requirement

  • Current certified INSPECTORS who are testing based on the 4 Year re-testing requirement

All APPLICANTS must have a completed eligibility file that has been reviewed and approved by the Inspector Certification Panel. This approval must be received before sitting for any Inspector Certification exams.

For Inspector Certification Renewal, both 2 year renewal and 4 year re-testing, all INSPECTORS must submit the forms to provide updated training and work history for review and approval by the Inspector Certification Panel.

(Important Note:  Each form must be submitted electronically as a separate attachment. An attachment containing multiple forms will not be processed. Multiple attachments can be included in the same email.)


  • Eye Exam Form Exam date must be within 6 months of certification test date.

  • Inspector Certification Portfolio This is the required template. Please be sure to put your name on the Front Page of the Portfolio document in the designated areas.

  • Inspector Certification Supervisor Affidavit  If you are an applicant and owner of the company, please complete the entire form. On page 2, make a note stating that you are an owner.

  • ACORD Certificate of Insurance Sample  The certificate will need to list General Liability and/or Professional Liability. The Professional Liability must show an endorsement to cover Bodily Injury claims. You must also provide a copy of the Declarations Page listing Inspection Services as a covered service.

Please email all documents to