How to Obtain CEU’s

What are CEU’s?  How do I obtain CEU’s?  What are considered CEU’s?  Where can I obtain CEU’s?  

Below is an explanation of CEU’s (continuing education units).  CEU’s are either classes, training or participation in industry related topics.  Thirty two hours are required every 2 years for both in-house and professional inspectors.

  • Applicable ACCT workshops is your first source of CEU’s.  Technical workshops (example Games and marketing workshops would not be applicable)
  • The committee will provide a list of what conference workshops are applicable every year.
  • ACCT ICE committee approved seminars, conferences, activities and relevant committee involvement.
  • Documented participation in an ACCT review team.
  • Presenting relevant subject matter at Industry Conference
  • Active participation in relevant industry standards development committee
  • In house training that is accompanied by a syllabus. Examples, annual risk management training, work at height.
  • Third party training on relative to product or system specific manufacturer training. I.E welding, rigging, OSHA, CWA, ASTM, TSSA, AIMS, NAARSO, PPE inspection training.
  • Documented mentorship supported by your supervisor.

If you have questions about obtaining CEU’s please reach out to the program department at