What are the Eligibility Requirements?

Individuals wishing to become a certified inspector by ACCT must meet eligibility requirements before completing a written examination. To learn more about the eligibility requirements click on the link below.

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Renew Your Certification

ACCT Inspector Certifications are valid for two years. Inspectors must present documentation showing a minimum of 32 relevant continuing education hours every two years and re-take the written exam every four years for the level at which they seek to maintain certification.

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Upcoming Events Coming Soon!

The next ACCT Inspector Certification Exam event will be coming soon!

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Welcome to ACCT Inspector Certification Exam (ICE) Program

The Inspector Certification Program was created by the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) to specifically address North American regulatory demands. The Association for Challenge Course Technology is a non-profit trade organization serving challenge course professionals worldwide. This association serves to promote the use of challenge courses and to set minimum standards for challenge course installation, operation, and inspection.

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