In-House Inspector Certification

An In-House Inspector is one who performs Periodic Monitoring for their own company.

The In-House Operator Inspector Certification (hereinafter known as the “In-House Inspector Certification”) is designed for those individuals who perform the Operator Operational Inspections for their own organizations as described in the ANSI-ACCT 03-2019 Standard, Chapter 1, Section B.1.3. (daily, monthly, and quarterly in-house physical and operational inspections). An In-House inspector, by definition, is not a Professional Third-Party Inspector. ACCT standards require an annual inspection by an outside qualified third party.

To be eligible to sit for the Inspector Certification In-House Inspector Exam, you will need to ensure you meet the following: 

  • Act as an agent of a challenge course operator/vendor
  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Have a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent
  • Document the skill, experience, and training to be considered a Competent Person with regard to worker safety and fall protection
  • Have the ability to inspect challenge course elements in accordance with ACCT Standards
    • vi. Meet visual requirements
      • All applicants must pass an eye exam to provide proof of near and far acuity of 20/30 or better with or without corrective lenses.
      • All applicants must take a color perception test. Applicants who test positive for a color perception deficiency must submit a letter of acknowledgment to include a statement of adaptation from their supervisor before testing.
  • In-House applicants must provide a certificate of insurance showing a General Liability policy of $1,000,000.00 minimum coverage.
    • The certificate must be dated within 30 days of application.
    • The certificate should list as the certificate holder:
      • Association for Challenge Course Technology
      • PO Box 19797
      • Boulder, CO 80308

1 In-House Inspector Certification: Beginner Level

Document the following minimums within the past 36 months

  • Employment: 125 days in the Challenge Course industry
  • Training: 16 hours of challenge course inspection relevant training. This must include attending an 8-hour ACCT Inspector Certification Prep Course.
  • Inspections: 12 documented inspections, including pre-use checks, shadowing, and periodic monitoring (of which a minimum of three (3) are periodic inspections in compliance with current ANSI/ACCT Standards at the time of inspection, (of which a minimum of two (2) are periodic inspections performed under the supervision of a qualified person.)
  • Testing. Pass an In-House Level 1 certification exam with a minimum of 80%.

Level 2 In-House Inspector Certification: Advanced Level

Document the following minimums within the past 60 months

  • Employment: 275 days in the Challenge Course industry.
  • Training: 32 hours of challenge course inspection relevant training by a qualified person.
  • Inspections: 24 documented inspections in compliance with current ANSI/ACCT Standards at the time of inspection (of which six (6) are periodic inspections, three (3) of which are performed under the supervision of a qualified person.)
  • Testing. Pass In-House Level 1 and Level 2 certification exams, each with a minimum of 80%. If the inspector is currently certified as Level 1, the Level 1 test does not need to be retaken.

In-House Supervisor Endorsement

The Supervisor Endorsement is for those individuals that oversee other inspectors at their company. 

The Endorsement includes comprehension of quality assurance practices for companies that offer inspections and allow only Level 2 Inspectors to supervise an apprentice inspector.

Applicant must meet the requirements for Level 2 Certification.

Applicant must also provide documented proof of employment as an In-House Inspector, including signed documentation from their supervisor that the applicant meets the requirements for both the Level and the Supervisor Endorsement being sought.

Level 1 and level 2 In-House Inspector Fees

  1. Application fee of $125
  2. ICE prep-course $300
  3. Exam fee of $185
  4. Renewal fee of $157
  5. Optional: Supervisor Endorsement for Level 2 only of $75

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ACCT Inspector Certification Refund Policy

Application fee of $125 is non-refundable; so please refer to the eligibility page to confirm you have the correct experience before you submit the application.  Exam fees are non-refundable.  Please contact the program department at if you have additional questions.  The inspector certification prep course is subject to the same cancellation/refund policy as the conference.