List of Inspectors

ACCT Certified Professional Inspectors

ACCT is pleased to provide a current list of ACCT Certified Professional Inspectors for your convenience. These inspectors have met the experience requirements and successfully passed the certification exam/s for their respective levels of certification. ACCT has knowledge that these inspectors have the proper insurance through their employer to provide Professional inspections.

Important note: ACCT obtains confirmation that the inspector is covered with the proper insurance when providing inspections through their current employer. The employer listed must match the current employer of the certified inspector to be a valid certification.

The first section lists the ACCT Accredited Professional Vendor Members and their respective certified professional inspectors. These vendor companies have undergone a thorough accreditation process and ongoing reviews to maintain that the ACCT standards are being met during daily operations, including inspections.

The second section lists additional vendor companies and their respective ACCT certified professional inspectors.

ACCT Certified Professional Inspectors (pdf download)