Renew Your ACCT Inspector Certification


The renewal and maintenance of certification are obtained through a combination of continuing education, work experience, and periodic re-testing. Inspectors who have not completed the renewal process within 60 days after their certification expiration date, will need to retest.

All Level 1 and Level 2  inspectors must obtain at least 32 continuing education units (CEUs) or 32 hours of ACCT approved formal training during their certification period (2 years) to maintain inspector certification. The examination may not be retaken to circumvent the training requirement within three (3) years of issuance of certification. The certified inspector shall submit evidence of the appropriate hours of training or continuing education units (CEUs) and any other required documentation.  See FORMS page.  * Review CEU recommendations at the bottom of this page for examples provided by the Inspector Certification Panel.


All written exams must be taken every four years to maintain certification.

Please review the 2 renewal options below.   

  • 2 Year Renewal (submission of documents)– It has been 2 years since your last testing and you will now renew your certification by submitting documents for review and approval to be renewed at your current category/level. 

2 Year Renewal / Certification Renewal Request Form

  • 4 Year Retesting Renewal (submission of documents and testing) – It has been 4 years since you tested and you are now required to submit documents for review and approval to retest at your current category/level. Please choose the renewal form for a specific testing event. Click the application link below:

ACCT Conference / Denver, CO. / February 7- 10, 2019

…form available through the ACCT conference website…



Inspector Certification is only valid while employed by the company listed on the inspector’s certification. Inspectors are required to report a change of employment to ACCT within 30 days upon leaving the employment of the employer name on their certification materials. The inspector will be required to provide information regarding the new employer (see FORMS) and submit the Certification Transfer Request Form below. When the request has been submitted, you will automatically be directed to the online store to pay the Certification Transfer Request Fee of $125. Click the link below:

Transfer of Certification Request Form


* Relevant CEUs may consist of but are not limited to:

Applicable ACCT Conference and Symposium workshop attendance. (Example – games and marketing workshops would not be applicable). The Inspector Certification Panel will provide a list of approved conference sessions to assist Inspectors in choosing applicable CEU’s.

CLICK HERE for the last 6 years of CEU Sheets

ACCT Inspector Certification Panel approved activities, seminars, conferences, and committee involvement: Participation in an ACCT Review Team; Active participation in relevant industry standards development committee/s (ACCT, ASTM, etc.); Presenting relevant subject matter at Industry Conferences; Third-Party training on related subjects such as product or systems specific manufacturer training; classes related to affiliated skills (i.e. welding, blueprint reading, rigging, vertical rope access; contractor’s license; community college class in construction management, etc.); and/or training via other industries on rigging, PPE Inspection, OSHA, CWA, ASTM, TSSA, AIMS, NAARSO, NDT, hydraulic, electrical or mechanical systems; In-House Training supported by documentation (ex. In-house annual Risk Management Training, Rescue Training, work at height, best building practices, documented mentorship).

Questions? Contact the ACCT Office:  Phone: 303-827-2432  | Email: